Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kickin’ it OSS Skool in Azure: Paris, December 4!

Life is good in WindowsAzureLand, especially for those building OSS-based apps. We have language SDKs for python, php, node.js, and Java. We have git deployment. We have hosted databases like MongoDB and MySQL. We have Linux virtual machines. We have command line tools for Mac and Linux. There’s enough OSS goodness to fill an entire day’s worth of presentations and demos!

Well then… we’re spending an entire day giving presentations and demos, at our Windows Azure Open Platform Summit! This one-day event will take place December 4 in Paris, at the Crowne Plaza.  My teammate Ricardo Villalobos will be co-presenting with me, and we’ll also be joined by keynote speaker Karandeep Anand, Principal Group Program Manager for Windows Azure.

You can find the full agenda and signup link here. At a high level, here’s what the day will cover:

  • What does OSS mean for Windows Azure?
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with virtual machines and virtual networks, supporting Linux- and Windows-based applications
  • The Developer Story with Eclipse, along with SDKs for Node.JS, Python, PHP, and Java
  • Windows Azure’s varied data offerings, both SQL- and NoSQL-based, with such technologies as MySQL and MongoDB

Note that this is tailored for technical decision-makers: CTO, Architect, Engineering Lead…