Monday, March 11, 2013

StackOverflow Azure contributions - March 3-March 9, 2013

Here are this week's StackOverflow contributions, March 3-9:

  • Getting occasional 503 errors on website (link)
  • Secure application with Windows Azure SQL Database (link)
  • Automated publish/deploy Azure package to cloud (link)
  • How do I modify the location of my Windows Azure Web Site? (link)
  • How to move a Windows Azure VM to a different affinity group (link)
  • Windows Azure SQL Database retry logic (link)
  • Private ports in Azure Virtual Machine (link)
  • Cloud environment on Windows Azure platform (link)
  • Shared Access Signatures in new PHP SDK (link)
  • Azure Web Site reserved mode load-balancing seems not to work (link)
  • Azure VM not responding, dashboard says everything's running (link)
  • Azure VM shutdown (link)
  • Creating a container in blob storage - PHP (link)
  • Azure PaaS and Continuous Integration (link)
  • Azure administration screen for WordPress (link)
  • Azure VM blocks page requests from specific IP (link)
  • Why should I use LoadBalancerProbe instead of subscribing to RoleEnvironment.StatusCheck? (link)
  • Moving millions of items from one storage account to another (link, and some interesting comments on this answer about Nagle algorithm and its impact on queuing up requests)

Friday, March 8, 2013

StackOverflow Azure contributions - Feb. 21-March 2

Many people have asked me about programming resources, and where to get help on specific topics. I've been pointing them to StackOverflow as a great resource to get help, as it's community driven, with thousands of people participating. Additionally, it's a great place to contribute to the programming community and provide answers to others.

I also contribute to StackOverflow, and thought it might be helpful to surface some of the questions I've been posting answers to, primarily regarding Windows Azure. So here goes: The first of (hopefully) many weekly summary posts. This one covers February 21 - March 2. A bit more than a week, but who's counting... :)

  • Testing a Windows Azure web app for maximum user load (link)
  • Recover from accidentally deleting Azure Tables (link)
  • Azure VM: More than one public IP (link)
  • Microsoft Azure HIPAA database compliance (link)
  • Worker Role importance in Windows Azure? (link)
  • Hosting a simple HTML website in an Azure blob container (link)
  • What constitutes a compute-hour or cost/hour? (link)