Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MIX 09 Keynote Recap

Today's MIX 09 Keynote in Las Vegas was hosted by Scott Guthrie. As much as I had hoped to attend, my Vegas trip didn't materialize. However, I watched the live stream and, to be honest, I was blown away by the sheer number of announcements. If you followed my tweets, you probably have a good idea of all the technical goodness. Here's a consolidated summary, with links to the various downloads.

Expression Web 3
  • SuperPreview feature – view rendering across all browser types and versions. Split-screen designer, fullscreen-mode, allows comparison of “baseline” browser vew and alternative browser view side-by-side. Also “overlay” mode – stacks two browser views, to help identify differences.
  • Supports both local browsers and cloud service, to allow for rendering on browsers not installed locally (e.g. Safari for Mac)
  • Easy to compare multiple versions of IE without having each browser version installed
  • Beta available right now:
  • Web forms: more control over viewstate, html markup, improvements in data binding and url routing
  • Improvements to Ajax stack and jQuery support
  • Client–side templates and databinding, along with additional REST support
  • Velocity caching engine
Visual Studio 2010
  • Improved JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery scripting support, including intelliSense
  • SharePoint editing/debugging within Visual Studio IDE
  • Publishing and deployment improvements, including database deployment
  • Still a CTP - get the latest here
  • Ten new extensions available, including secure FTP, WebDAV, app request routing
  • Grab the new extensions here.
Microsoft Web Platform Installer
  • Provides single source for all components required for Web platform installation.
  • Version 2 (beta) already includes support for just-released ASP.NET MVC 1.0.
  • Grab the latest v2 beta here.
Microsoft Web App Gallery
  • Free apps to download and use
  • Anyone can add an app to the gallery
  • Visit the gallery here.
Commerce Server 2009
  • Available now.
  • View detailed information here.
Azure Services Platform
  • FastCGI support (allows 3rd-party programming languages like php)
  • .NET full trust
  • Raw ADO.NET support
  • View details here.
Microsoft BizSpark
  • New program designed to help startup companies get up and running quickly
  • Includes software and licensing support for 3-year period
  • Includes marketing, business development opportunities, hosting partners
  • Free to qualifying startups
  • Read details here.
  • Demo performed by startup, a BizSpark member
Silverlight V3
  • GPU acceleration support (on Windows and Mac)
  • New CODEC support (h.264, aac, MPEG-4)
  • Raw bitstream API
  • Improved logging for media analytics
  • Perspective 3D
  • Bitmap / pixel API
  • Deep linking, navigation page framework (for interfacing with browser navigation)
  • ClearType support
  • Multi-touch support
  • Library caching (download and cache to local system)
  • Data binding improvements
  • Multi-tier data (support for data context updates in Silverlight pushing updates to the server)
  • Binary XML
  • Out-of-browser experience - Silverlight app runs like a desktop app, yet still within a sandbox (and still dependent only on the Silverlight runtime bits). Supported on both Windows and Mac
  • Offline awareness (with network status change events)
  • V3 download is apparently 40K less than V2 download!
  • Get the latest beta here. Warning: once you install the Beta tools, you now have a Silverlight 3-only development environment, so maybe go with a VPC...
IIS Media Services
  • New product, available today.
  • Includes live streaming (in beta, available today)
  • Edge-caching. Akamai has already announced services to support this
  • For more info and installation details, go here.
Expression Blend 3
  • Includes new SketchFlow tool offering sketching/prototyping, complete with transitions, collaboration tool (free SketchFlow player), all built into Blend.
  • Version control support
  • Xaml IntelliSense
  • Photoshop PSD import, including preservation of layers (as well as the ability to selectively toggle layers)
  • Grab the preview here.

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