Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ARCast.TV Interview: Architecting the UI to Improve Testability

A while back, I spoke with Zhiming Xue (Dr. Z), a Microsoft Architecture Evangelist, about improving UI testability. This interview is now available on ARCast. From the synopsis:

"In this interview,David Makogon, senior consultant of RDA, discusses how to architect user interface code to improve testability. A common issue associated with testing code that is tightly tied to user interface (UI) such as a button click event is that when a user interface is modified, the underlying code has to be re-tested. By decoupling the UI code from core programming logic and behavior through use of supervising controllers and views -- a modified Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern that is well explained by Martin Fowler, the need to re-testing the code of the programming logic and behavior is greatly reduced and even eliminated."

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