Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why did the turtle cross the road?

This morning, I was prepping a camera for my wife to take on our daughter’s field trip. This meant that I was surrounded by camera bodies, lenses, and a big cup of coffee.

I just happened to look out the front window, as I saw two cars stop in front of my house. I saw what looked like a black, flattened basketball sitting in the middle of the road. A basketball with a head sticking out.

Reaching for the nearest camera+lens combo (and almost knocking my coffee cup over), I bolted outside to get a closer look:



Its shell looked to be about 15 inches long, along with some nails in need of a mani-pedi.


I had time for one more close-up before another car drove up:

IMG_0393 (1)

So… why did the turtle cross the road? To remind me that there’s an entire world around me that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen.

Time to go back to work now, staring at the computer screen…

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