Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 14: Silverlight 4 Talk at RockNUG

On Wednesday, April 14, I'll be giving a Silverlight 4 talk at the Rockville .NET User Group.

Silverlight 4 was first introduced at PDC in November, and has some really cool new enhancements. I'll be showing a bunch of these, and I’ll make my demo code available for you to download and try out on your own.

Now for the even-cooler cool part: Silverlight 4 officially ships April 13, only one day prior to this talk! So this will be one of the first user group demos where you’ll see the officially-official Silverlight 4 in action!

The fun starts at 6:30, when Kevin Jones shows off debugging in Windows 7 and XP at the same time. Then we chow down on pizza and guzzle delicious carbonated beverages. And then it’s time for some Silverlight Goodness!

Oh… did I mention door prizes???

See you there!


  1. Hi David,
    I was at the RockNUG meeting and I enjoyed your speech!
    Is the code available to download anywhere?

  2. I'll have the code and writeup available shortly, including fixes for the networking glitch and auto-update glitch, which took me, oh, 5 minutes!