Monday, June 7, 2010

Azure SDK+Tools 1.2: .NET 4 Plus IntelliTrace!

Today, Microsoft announced the availability of Azure SDK v1.2, with related tools for Visual Studio.

This release is a big deal, both from an app-enabling point of view and from an ease-of-deployment point-of-view. Here’s a quick look at what’s new with Application Support, with .NET 4 and IntelliTrace. The next post will cover deployment.

Application support with .NET 4.0

The really big deal with v1.2 is support for the .NET 4 framework! Just choose .NET 4 as your target framework for any of your cloud-targeted projects:


Once you deploy your app to the cloud, you’ll see the all-new Guest OS 1.3 that supports .NET 4:


Sweet! And you can still manage your OS upgrades. If you want your existing apps to use an older OS version, just click OS Settings… and configure your service for manual OS selection:




As long as you choose .NET 4 as your role’s target framework, you’ll be all set for IntelliTrace with your Azure app. You enable IntelliTrace within the all-new Publish wizard. Note that you can still simply create a deployment package without actually publishing to Azure. For actual publishing, you’ll need to have a Storage account configured, as that’s where the deployment package is pushed to, prior to deploying it to your actual Azure Service:


Note: The Intellitrace option is disabled for .NET 3.5 deployments.


Once you’ve enabled IntelliTrace and deployed your app, you can access IntelliTrace data directly from Visual Studio. Just right-click your role instance and View IntelliTrace logs. Note that IntelliTrace is only available for roles with (IntelliTrace) next to the service+slot name.


And then… magic happens, right in Visual Studio:


Once this completes, you’ll see the IntelliTrace information presented in Visual Studio:



Go have fun!!!

This is a great Azure SDK release, especially with .NET 4 support. And IntelliSense is icing on the cake. Sweet, sweet cake…

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