Friday, February 1, 2013

Azure OSS Summit in India - Feb 20, 22, 26

Ahhhh... Paris In December. A bit of snow... A taste of wine... And an all-day immersion into Windows Azure and open source software! I was joined by Ricardo Villalobos, Karandeep Anand, and Bhushan Nene as we presented lots of OSS goodness with demos covering operating systems, languages, and databases.
Next up: India! Ricardo, Bhushan and I are holding our OSS Summit in 3 cities:
  • Mumbai, Feb. 20
  • Pune, Feb. 22
  • Bangalore, Feb. 26

You can find the full agenda and signup link here. At a high level, here’s what the day will cover:
What does OSS mean for Windows Azure? 
Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with virtual machines and virtual networks, supporting Linux- and Windows-based applications 
The Developer Story with Eclipse, along with SDKs for Node.JS, Python, PHP, and Java 
Windows Azure’s varied data offerings, both SQL- and NoSQL-based, with such technologies as Cassandra, MongoDB and Neo4j.
Note that this is tailored for technical decision-makers: CTO, Architect, Engineering Lead…

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