Friday, March 8, 2013

StackOverflow Azure contributions - Feb. 21-March 2

Many people have asked me about programming resources, and where to get help on specific topics. I've been pointing them to StackOverflow as a great resource to get help, as it's community driven, with thousands of people participating. Additionally, it's a great place to contribute to the programming community and provide answers to others.

I also contribute to StackOverflow, and thought it might be helpful to surface some of the questions I've been posting answers to, primarily regarding Windows Azure. So here goes: The first of (hopefully) many weekly summary posts. This one covers February 21 - March 2. A bit more than a week, but who's counting... :)

  • Testing a Windows Azure web app for maximum user load (link)
  • Recover from accidentally deleting Azure Tables (link)
  • Azure VM: More than one public IP (link)
  • Microsoft Azure HIPAA database compliance (link)
  • Worker Role importance in Windows Azure? (link)
  • Hosting a simple HTML website in an Azure blob container (link)
  • What constitutes a compute-hour or cost/hour? (link)

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