Monday, March 11, 2013

StackOverflow Azure contributions - March 3-March 9, 2013

Here are this week's StackOverflow contributions, March 3-9:

  • Getting occasional 503 errors on website (link)
  • Secure application with Windows Azure SQL Database (link)
  • Automated publish/deploy Azure package to cloud (link)
  • How do I modify the location of my Windows Azure Web Site? (link)
  • How to move a Windows Azure VM to a different affinity group (link)
  • Windows Azure SQL Database retry logic (link)
  • Private ports in Azure Virtual Machine (link)
  • Cloud environment on Windows Azure platform (link)
  • Shared Access Signatures in new PHP SDK (link)
  • Azure Web Site reserved mode load-balancing seems not to work (link)
  • Azure VM not responding, dashboard says everything's running (link)
  • Azure VM shutdown (link)
  • Creating a container in blob storage - PHP (link)
  • Azure PaaS and Continuous Integration (link)
  • Azure administration screen for WordPress (link)
  • Azure VM blocks page requests from specific IP (link)
  • Why should I use LoadBalancerProbe instead of subscribing to RoleEnvironment.StatusCheck? (link)
  • Moving millions of items from one storage account to another (link, and some interesting comments on this answer about Nagle algorithm and its impact on queuing up requests)

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