Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Look at the Windows Azure ISV Guest Post Series

A few months ago, on the Windows Azure blog, I announced a new Windows Azure ISV Blog Series, where our worldwide Windows Azure team would be writing about the ISVs we’ve been working with, and the applications they’re running on Windows Azure. We’ve had some really cool posts since the announcement, with ISVs from the US, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, India and Brazil.
  • BrainCredits, a system to help people track all their informal learning on a virtual transcript. Written by BrainCredits co-founder David Hoerster.
  • Digital Folio, an Internet browser plug- that allows end users to compare prices and find product suggestions while shopping online.
  • Sociobridge, a Content Management System for Facebook pages, from ReedRex.
  • Tribe of Noise, a social networking community for musicians and the music business. Written by Tribe of Noise founder Hessel van Oorschot.
  • FieldVisor and ScadaVisor, web-based services to help oil and gas companies streamline production activities and increase production output. Written by Fielding Systems founder Shawn Cutter.
  • CloudNinja for Java, a multi-tenant reference application for Java-based apps in Windows Azure. Written by Shreekanth Joshi, AVP Cloud Computing at Persistent Systems.
  • Kern4Cloud, a multi-tenant information management service sold in a SaaS model with subscriptions managed and paid through the Windows Azure Marketplace. Written by Miguel Parejo, CTO at Softlibrary.
  • SQL Azure Federations. Exploring the use of SQL Azure's scale-out capabilities through federated shards, as well as an open-source sample application. Written by Trent Swanson, Principal, Full Scale 180.
  • Qeystone and Continuous Integration. A look at Minitab’s efforts to bring their Qeystone product suite to Windows Azure, including their use of Continuous Integration. Written by Michael Yeaney, Enterprise Web Architect at Minitab.
  • Icertis: Workflow and Contract Lifecycle Management. Icertis built their latest contract management system from the ground up to take advantage of Windows Azure, with specific attention toward workflows (both hosted workflows via Workflow Foundation and SharePoint Online workflows). Written by Monish Darda, CTO at Icertis.
  • Linx: LinxWeb, a multi-tenant Point-of-Sale application running on Windows Azure, taking advantage of blobs and CDN to reduce load on Web servers and database. Written by Fernando Chaves, e-Commerce Manager at Linx.


These are all real-world examples and in-production systems, and the folks writing about them are sharing some great info about their architecture decisions.

There are several more stories queued up, and I’ll keep this list updated as they’re published.


  1. Tribe of Noise is great! I didn't know they ran on Azure!

  2. Claire - have you taken a look at some of the other posts? It's pretty impressive what these ISVs have been running in Windows Azure.