Monday, April 1, 2013

StackOverflow Azure Contributions: March 10-March 30

It's amazing how quickly time flies when traveling! Time for another StackOverflow recap post. This one covers my answers posted in the past 3 weeks, representing my time away in Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and... a bit of vacation time in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

While I also post several comments on StackOverflow, I figured they might not be as interesting to call out individually. If you're interested, they can all be viewed here.

  • Back up a Windows Azure Virtual Machine (link). This describes both async blob copy and blob snapshots
  • How to programmatically link resources in an Azure Cloud Service (link)
  • How to receive service bus queue messages in a Web Role (link)
  • What is the Azure Table Storage equivalent of T-SQL's LIKE command? (link)
  • Why is pricing for Web / Worker Role instances greater than Virtual Machines (link)
  • Azure queues: How to mark message as visible immediately after calling CloudQueue.GetMessages() (link)

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