Thursday, April 18, 2013

StackOverflow Azure Contributions: April 7 - April 13

Good Azure questions last week on StackOverflow. Here are the questions I contributed answers to:
  • WCF or Service Bus? (link)
  • Deploying Azure solution from dev to test server (link) - this is about whether an app can be deployed to a standalone Azure test server
  • Does Azure SQL Database support encryption? (link) - this is about the SQL Database service, not to be confused with SQL Azure installed on a Virtual Machine
  • Secure communication between internal roles in Azure (link) - this is about internal endpoints and communication between various role instances, as well as communication over a Virtual Network
  • Need further explanation regarding edge case (link) - this one is all about scaling, billing, and clock-hours
  • Issue with scale option in Windows Azure Web Sites (link) - this one covers the shift to Reserved Instances and how this is handled with multiple web sites
  • Azure Shared Cache: Unable to spin up in US East / US West (link) - this is about the shared cache service, not the new co-located in-memory cache option
  • Table Storage, more than 100 hits per second (link)
I also earned a Good Answer silver badge (25 upvotes) for my answer to Azure Table vs. MongoDB.

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