Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upcoming talk: Polyglot Persistence, May 7

On May 7, I'll be speaking at the monthly Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP) meeting. Our topic will be Polyglot Persistence. What's that all about???

Picture this: You're working on a storage problem, wondering how you're going to shoe-horn something into your database. Maybe it's SQL Server. Maybe it's MongoDB or some other NoSQL variant. No matter which database option you choose, there always seem to be situations where data simply doesn't fit right, and it becomes more of a code exercise than a storage exercise.
In this talk, we'll eschew the single-database tradition and look at a new approach gathering steam: Polyglot persistence, which simply means using multiple data storage mechanisms based on particular needs of your application. While polyglot persistence certainly includes both SQL and NoSQL variants (or even NewSQL), this demo-centric talk will cover NoSQL specifically.We'll look at (and demo) four fundamental NoSQL types: Key/Value, Document, Column Family, and Graph, and see where their sweet-spots are. We'll also work through a mock architecture on the whiteboard and see an example of how multiple databases could be combined in the real world.
If you're in the Columbia, MD area, feel free to come on out, grab some pizza, and (hopefully) enjoy the talk! More info about CMAP may be found on their website.

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